meet1 [ mit ] (past tense and past participle met [ met ] ) verb ***
▸ 1 come together with someone
▸ 2 play against opponent
▸ 3 experience result
▸ 4 when roads etc. connect
▸ 5 pay money owed
▸ 6 do something necessary
▸ 7 look into someone's eyes
▸ 8 hit/touch something
1. ) intransitive or transitive to come together to talk to someone you have arranged to see:
I'll meet you in the bar later.
meet for: We're meeting for lunch tomorrow.
meet to do something: I'd like to meet to talk about your future.
a ) intransitive or transitive to see and speak to someone without planning to:
You'll never guess who I met on the plane.
b ) intransitive or transitive to be introduced to someone you do not know:
Have you met my wife?
I think they met at college.
c ) intransitive or transitive to come together with other people as a group to discuss something formally or officially:
The president is meeting world leaders at a summit next week.
meet to do something: The council will meet next week to decide what action to take.
d ) transitive to be waiting for someone when they arrive somewhere:
We'll come out to the airport to meet you.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to play against an opponent in a game:
The two teams met last year in the playoffs.
It looks like the Yankees will meet the Mets in a subway series.
3. ) meet or meet with transitive to get a particular result or reaction:
meet with: We tried to investigate but met a wall of silence.
meet (with) opposition/approval/resistance etc.: The bill met strong opposition from the Republicans.
be met by/with something: The officials were met by complaints about joblessness and crime.
4. ) intransitive or transitive if things such as roads, lines, or areas meet, they join each other:
The two rivers meet just north of the town.
the line where the land meets the sky
5. ) transitive to pay money that is owed or needed for something:
My salary is only just enough to meet our living expenses.
6. ) transitive to do or provide what is necessary to deal successfully with a situation:
This technology can meet the challenges of the 21st century.
meet the needs of something/someone: The water won't meet the needs of the local population.
a ) to do what you planned or promised to do:
Will the administration be able to meet its obligations?
7. ) intransitive or transitive if two people's eyes meet, they look directly into each other's eyes, often communicating something:
Their eyes met long enough for him to see the warning.
She was finding it hard to meet his gaze.
8. ) intransitive or transitive MAINLY LITERARY to hit or touch something:
Her lips met mine.
meet your death/end/fate MAINLY LITERARY
to die in a particular way:
He met the end he deserved.
meet something head on INFORMAL
to deal with a problem or difficult situation directly and with determination, instead of avoiding it
something meets your eye/ear MAINLY LITERARY
to see or hear something:
A strange sight met our eyes.
there's more to someone/something than meets the eye
used for saying that someone or something is more interesting, impressive, complicated, etc. than they seem to be
meet up phrasal verb intransitive
1. ) to come together with someone, either unexpectedly or as planned:
We usually meet up for a quick sandwich in the morning.
meet up with: I met up with him as I left the building.
2. ) if roads, streets, etc. meet up, they join or cross each other:
The streets meet up at the next intersection.
meet up with: The track meets up with the main road ahead.
meet with phrasal verb transitive
1. ) meet with someone to have a formal meeting with someone:
They're meeting with Russian leaders to try to end the crisis.
2. ) meet with something same as MEET1 3:
Experiments with the new drug have met with some success.
a decision that has met with general approval
3. ) meet with something to unexpectedly experience trouble, danger, difficulty, etc.:
She met with an accident yesterday.
meet 2 [ mit ] noun count
1. ) a sports event involving a lot of people or teams competing against each other:
a swim/track meet
2. ) in the U.K., an occasion when a group of people riding horses hunt FOXES
meet 3 [ mit ] adjective
an old word meaning appropriate or right

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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